T R A C K L I S T :
1. Could Be With Me
© Hazel O`Connor - Sebastian Hausmann
2. She Moves Through The Fair
© trad. Arr: Hazel O`Connor - Paul Barrett
3. Conversation From A Barstool
© David Evans - Paul David Hewson
4. All I've Been Missing © Hazel O`Connor
5. Refugees Of Love
© Hazel O`Connor- Paul Barrett
6. Never Thought © Hazel O`Connor
- Neil O'Connor
7. Private War © Hazel O`Connor
8. Reason © Hazel O`Connor
9. My World (Upside Down)
© Hazel O`Connor
10. Go N'Eirigh an Bothar Leat
© Hazel O`Connor


Epic Records, Sony Music
Produced by Paul Barrett


M U S I C I A N S :
Maire Breatnach - strings, violin
Anthony Drennan - acoustic and
electronic guitars
Paul Barrett -pianos, organ, bass guitar, harmonium synthesizers, percussion and precussion programming
Tony Molloy - bass guitar
Robbie Casserly - drums
Liz Madden - backing vocals
Ann Myler - backing vocals
Louise McCormick - backing v
Wolfgang Grasecamp - keyboards, vocals


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Cat. No: EPIC 477879 2