Help Hazel get back on the road

Hazel O'Connor
*** Message from Neil O'Connor ***
News date - 17th January 2022
This is an important announcement about my darling sister, Singer, Songwriter and Actor, Hazel O’Connor. On Sunday last, 9/01/2022, Hazel was discovered at her place in SW France and was found to have suffered a serious medical event. She was taken to her local hospital where it was determined that she’d had a bleeding on the brain and that she should be transferred to a nearby major hospital where her condition could more effectively monitored. On Sunday things were touch and go and the next 24 hours would determine how her recovery may go. She was put into an induced coma for about 24 hrs and brought out of it Monday evening and since then has been showing a lot of progress although, saying that, her recovery is going to take a while but she is tough and is responding to stimuli and to treatment. She’s receiving the best of care and I thank the French medical service there for taking such good care of her. Also a big thanks and appreciation go to Pete and Tony who were on the spot to help and have been my liaison all through this time and have been updating me daily about Hazel’s condition, Thanks so much guys. So, please, all positive thoughts, vibes, intentions are appreciated. She’s going to need patience from us and from herself, I’ve already learned that she’s started to show her usual feistiness. There will be a separate notification from Hazel’s management as regards tour dates and shows. Thanks for taking the time to read and for your love of my dear sister. Neil O’Connor, Montreal 17/01/2022